How to apply your Bindis and body tattoos. 


* Clean skin first to remove oil, dirt and makeup for better adhesion.  You can purchase alcohol wipes for this job.  Make sure the skin is completely dry before applying bindi.


* Carefully remove bindi from the film/ backing sheet.  A bindi is very delicate, and you can easily remove crystals and other embellishments, so take care.  Some people use tweezers, but it can be removed using your fingers.


* Apply bindi to clean dry skin.  Start touching it gently to the skin, so that you can still move it easily to adjust the position. Once the bindi or tattoo is where you like it, press it down gently but firmly for at least 10 seconds.


Bindis may be use 3-4 times,(our high end Bindis should last even longer), however we recommend that any range applied to intimate areas only be used once, for hygiene reasons. If worn with makeup your bindi may not last for as long. Bindis can be refreshed with Bindi glue.


Bindis and tattoos are not designed to wear in water.  


How to store your bindis.


* Carefully remove your bindi and apply it back on the original film/ backing sheet.


We recommend that you test your product on an inconspiuous area to check for allergic reactions to adhesive.


Never place glue or adhesive onto your bindis or tattoos unless it is specially designed for the skin, only use bindi adhesive.